Riding the Wave ... And the Trough

I am mentally ill, diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder I, OCD, ADHD, PTSD and a vitamin B12 deficiency (a key element in brain development). For over 12 years, I took anywhere from 5-8 psychotropic meds each day, and have been recently giving myself a monthly injection of B12.

In January 2012 I was hospitalized for depression, and management of my currrent med cocktail. Immediately all but two of my meds were discontinued and, after a few weeks of adjustment, and some near hospitalizations, things seem to be going much better.

I have been on permanent disability since January 2010, and am adjusting to life on a very limited income.

My prayer is that in walking with me during the ups and downs of Bipolar Disorder, you might find solace, and benefit through my experiences.

Sunday, December 16, 2007

The Big Snow

I awoke this morning to a LOT of snow ... probably 16", and with 30+ mph winds, made some of the rural drifts impassable. Since I live 35 miles from the church that I pastor, I spent the night before at my parents. They only live 4 miles away, but they live way out in the country. So after getting my car stuck, I woke up dad, and he pulled me out, and let me use his 4X4 to get into town. Even with that it was difficult.

Of course our neighbors, the Fire Department, hadn't plowed us out yet. They always plow themselves out, followed by plowing out the firemen so they can make it in, and then the church parking lots. We are very appreciative.This morning they came into the building around 6:30 and asked if we had canceled church, which we had. If we hadn't, they would have plowed us out right away. We are fortunate.

We called everyone we could think of, as well as put the announcement on two of the radio stations and one TV station. Surprisingly, not one person attempted to make it. (Of course, the county declaring a snow emergency, where you are only allowed to travel for work or emergency, didn't hurt.)

So it is now nearly 1:30 pm, and I am setting here, working and piddling around, waiting for the snow plows to go by. Hopefully by 2:00 I'll be able to venture home. I'll take dad's truck, since he won't be needing it, and take it back to him tomorrow.

Next time: My continuing journey through the world of "finding the right meds"!

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  1. Going to church, funny that they would plow the churches out first. I guess its nice, But church is just an 'optional' anymore, to all the nominal christians out there. Why are there 2000 so called Christian religions? The Bible teaches the answer to that at Mathew 24 about the last days. Everyone wants what Jesus never had: money. Well, almost everyone... see how I keep myself alive with purpose, as a BP patient, at jw.org/en (700 languages), not one Jehovah's Witness receives a salary or bonus or anything for doing what we do voluntarily, nor do we ask for money at our kingdom halls - no tything, nothing. yet with voluntary donations, and especially the Holy Spirit, the organization continues to grow and more and more people are seeing 'the light'. what the Bible REALLY teaches.